110Ah Battery charging

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    Oct 7, 2009

    Can you tell me how long it will take to charge 10, 12v, 110Ah batteries with a 28v 600A charger. The charger is actually a PCU cut will charge the batteries when the engine is switched off.

    Does it matter if six of the batteries are series/parrallel?

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    Well, it's certainly maximum overkill to charge batteries like that. If they're more than about 25% discharged when you try to charge them, the batteries will get heated internally. It takes a long time for them to cool back down - and when they're hot, the increased chemical activity shortens their life, and their maximum charge voltage decreases; which makes them hotter still.

    Here is how you would need to connect them up:


    Each battery will receive approximately 120A charging current if they are discharged to 0v. Expect a very loud explosion if you try to charge completely dead batteries.

    If one of the batteries has a shorted cell, the other one in series with it will become badly overcharged and overheat; very likely damaging it.

    Have a read on this page: http://www.solarnavigator.net/battery_charging.htm

    Your batteries will "bulk charge" pretty quickly from a low charge state, but will also get pretty warm. Since you're just feeding them 28v, (14v/battery) the last part of the bulk charge will go rather slowly. The absorption charge (last 10% to 15%) won't go any faster than standard chargers. If you leave them charging for too long, the batteries will begin gassing from overcharging.
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