1000 base sx compatible with 100 base lx

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    Jul 29, 2010
    a local college has recently been cleaning up some of their old network stuff. they threw out a bunch of electronic stuff, and a MTRJ to SC multi mode fiber patch cable. I tested the fiber with what a laser pointer and it shined out the other end on the table on both pairs. so it appears to be good.
    later I was given an older gigabit fiber switch/router. a 3com 4900sx 3c17702. I looked up some info on it and says it uses mtrj connectors for 1000 base SX. i used a null modem cable and hyper terminal to access the switch from hyper terminal. I did a reset to default on it then set my own i.p and subnet mask.
    today I was given an old fiber NIC card and hoped that I could use with switch, but it's 100 base FX. I did some research and they both use the same fiber type and the NIC card has SC so my cable fits. I tried to ping the switch with the I.P I set on it and get no reply. I switched the pairs on the end that i could and I got link, act lights on the NIC. the switch won't do anything, but when I turn off or unplug the fiber from switch windows says cable unplugged. I do ipconfig says disconnected then fiber is in and switch on shows the I.P.
    I did some further research into it, and they say the waves are difrent on o few site and should not even see any other device, but mine seem to be sort of seeing each other so not sure if that's true or not.
    are these even compatible?