100/-100V square wave generator from 170AC source

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    May 13, 2014
    Hi all,

    The goal is to generate a +/- 100V square wave from a 120 VAC wall source.
    In addition, I need to be able to control the frequency and amplitude from a microcontroller.

    I'm currently using a half rectifier and capacitor circuit to create the +/- 100V and feeding that into a comparator op-amp and using a signal from my micro to switch the output. However the problem is that the +/- 100V signal is referenced to NAC while the signal from my micro is referenced to GND from a voltage regulator and the comparator will have to be referenced to both GND and NAC which probably isn't a good idea.

    If anyone has any suggestions or a new solution, please let me know.
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    What is the frequency range, and how much power does the waveform have to deliver? It it's not huge, get a whatever-sized power transformer with dual 70V secondaries (Signal, Prem, etc). This plus a bridge and two caps will get you +/-100VDC, isolated and power-limited. Your uC GND ties to the xfmr center tap. Add isolated gate drivers and some high voltage MOSFETs and you're good to go.

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