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    Feb 12, 2010
    1. I search after stores that are specialist for leds

    I want to buy a special led that have 1000 luminance

    2. I search after miniature motor that can lift or / and down 200 gram weight with these limitations

    a. the size need to be approximate 5X3X3 cm

    b. the voltage can be AC or DC but if the voltage is DC then I need that these will be made from photo electric to supply rechargeable batteries that will turn on the motor

    c. the thread will be approximate 0.5 ~ 1 meter (the weight of the thread is include into the 200 gram

    d. the time that the motor activate is short and this is the time that is complete to lift or down the weight these need to be no more than 40 seconds for lifting or down

    e. I need that the motor don't drop the weight

    3. charging deep cycle battery

    I have 500 AH, 12 Volt battery

    I have an automatic cargo that finish the cargo when it arrive to 13.7 volt

    I know that for deep cycle battery every cell need 2.4 and these calculate to 14.4 volt for the battery that I have

    My question is how I can change the cargo to finish in 14.4 volt

    The current of the cargo answer to the requirement of the battery that is 40 AH

    I know that battery cargo need to be one tenth of the capacity of the battery
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    Bad idea to post so many questions in one thread; it will become confused very rapidly.

    1) LEDs - What do you mean by "1000 luminance" 1k lumens?

    2) Motor - you will need at least a geared motor, or one that is self-braking.

    3) Charger - you need to consult the manufacturer of your particular battery for their charging recommendations. They may have information available online. Without knowing the specifics of your battery, I will tell you that improper maintenance will make your battery life short.

    It would not be good for many lead-acid batteries to be overcharged for more than a short period of time - perhaps 10 to 20 minutes is a practical limit.

    We don't know anything about your charger, so we can't even make a guess on how to make it charge differently.
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    I don't know far up you want to go. Are you sure you want an LED for 1000 lumens?

    You can get a halogen for hundreds less.

    and when you say "cargo" do you mean "charger"? or "controller"?
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    Jul 17, 2007
    Stop being so lazy and look for yourself.

    If you want to buy a single 1k Lumen LED for a reasonable price, wait 10 years.

    Don't bother bumping your thread again.