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Discussion in 'Programmer's Corner' started by babuskamuska, Dec 15, 2010.

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    Dec 15, 2010
    as many are so am I, a total newbie in the world of electronics. I have a Friday hand-in where I need to prove that my project is working, at least only part of it and I ran out of time.
    So what is my project? it's supposed to be a mini weather station made of two boards: one (motherboard) with graphical LCD and a PIC16F877, linked via RS232 with a second board with 3 sensors: LDR, thermister and humidity sensor and a PIC16F628. When there’s light the LDR will show a sun on screen. When it’s dark it should show a moon. Same happen with the other sensors, which are supposed to show some graphical data, but at this point I think I’m happy with just one output range.
    I built the boards, done the circuit diagrams, but I'm totally stuck with the assembly programming. Hopefully there's someone to help.
    So what do I need them to do? When I switch on the power and press the button on the motherboard the second board should read the light level. The threshold is set to 2V and I’m relying on the Vref and comparators of the PIC16F268 to indicate when the pins should be high and low. I’ve got +5V running and a range between 0.12V for light at 400Ω and 2.5V for dark at 16k.
    What I need now is the bit of programming for the PIC16F268 that would gradually check the light until it gives an output. I have part of the programming for the motherboard (with the PIC16F877), where the graphics are, but really struggling with the other one which I can consider zero built.
    Would there be anyone able to help me with this? I imagine that for most of you is just a simple play, but for me is the stress I can’t get over with and the time I still need but don't have to get closer to the finish line. Thank you!
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    It's not simple play for anyone here.
    We are not here to do peoples work who do not bother taking time to start what he's supposed to do.
    U explaining things does not prove that you did anything.

    If you struggling with programming, what did you actually learned from it?
    If we made u a project, you will learn nothing?

    Unless you show us what you have done so far, u are not getting much help here.

    To prove anything you have to show ur work, start the coding ur self to get us even consider helping u.