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    Jun 17, 2010
    after months of reading, doing, and redoing.

    Short and sweet I designed an application for Android mobile phones.
    The app sends data via bluetooth. This part is done.

    That data needs to be received by a bluetooth module and then sent to a pcm to then display the image on a lcd, screen, etc.

    Phone>>>bluetooth module>>>pcm(to organize data and prepare it for the screen output)>>>LCD Screen

    I have found supplies of Bluetooth modules. I now need a pcm or another module that can now utilize the data received from the bluetooth and send it out to an lcd screen but not necessarily a lcd screen.

    I also need to know what software is out there to read all the data coming in, firmware that is used to take/send data, etc.

    Are there any links, training videos on youtube, or any reference in how to receive data via bluetooth, deciphering, and then outputting in image form?

    I could Frankenstein used modules, electronics but having some schematic, specs, and consumer support would really benefit. I also have lots of time at home to look online due to my neck surgery.

    It seems like the application to send the phone data out is very easy. Now making a new elec. module with various modules is the largest task. Then on top of that the software engineering.

    I hope this helps and truly appreciate positive feed back on this question.

    Thank You.
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    Jun 17, 2010
    Still waiting to hear back from multiple chipset retailers.

    All feedback welcome.
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    Jun 17, 2010
    Thanks to

    Director of Sales & Marketing
    FSI Systems Inc.
    Office 585-924-7510 x 124

    He pointed me to exactly what I needed!

    If anyone is interested here is the link.