1/2 Standby switch circuit help..

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    Jul 19, 2010
    This is more for a knowledge excercise than a practical project, but if I can figure this out it might end up as one...

    Ok, say I want to keep something on STBY (say 2 Soldering irons of different Wattage) with partial power (to keep it partially hot), but be able to switch it to FULL power with a switch, would this schematic below work ok?

    Im thinking using the diodes to cause a half wave regulation would cut down the power (to the iron)?

    Also, this is a SPDT Center Off Switch, is this a typical way to wire this up for AC power?
    The Neutrals connect together and return to wall, and both Earths return also. Is there any issue with this? I'm thinking mainly in the 2 Neutral Lines?

    I always have MAJOR safety concerns working with 240v Mains!