0-5v DC signal from pot split into 2 separate 1.4v-3.25v and 2v-5v signals?

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I need 2 separate DC signals from one pot. The pot will provide a 0-5v DC input across it's full turn range. I need a 1.4 - 3.25v and a 2 - 5v from the the initial signal..... I also need the ability to adjust these 2 signals.

the 1.4 - 3.25v signal I need the ability to change the size of the range and the offset. i.e. 1.4 - 3.25 is a 1.85v range. I may want to increase or decrease this. and the center of the range is @ 2.35v. I may want to change this while keeping the range spread the same once set.

the 2 - 5v signal I just need to ajdust the floor.

Any insight would be greatly appreciate as is all the help I've received from this board.



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Better to buy a signal generator with these all options you want.