0.18 um and 0.35 um on same die?

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Is it possible to have both 0.18um and 0.35um technology on the same chip? The chip (simulation only) Im refering to is an RF Power amplifier and has only 2 transistors- one in 0.18um and the other in 0.35 um technology - is this possible?

I know it is possible to have different device lengths on the same chip (just by altering the mask). But is it possible to have differnt diffusion depths and other various parameters from 0.35um and 0.18um on the same die?

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Why not ask the process engineers where you work. Do you imagine that there is a worldwide cadre of smeiconductor procsees engineers that frequent the message boards to share their secret proprietary knowledge. They'd probably get fired if they did.


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As far as I know, there's no currently any foundry that has a process mix like that. Although technically it might be possible to do thing like this, there's just no point in it. You could imagine that the wafer would undergo two different processes separately. This would entails two different set of masks and processings. The cost would be astronomical and the gain is very very minimal. What can be done in 0.35 can always be done in 0.18 without incurring cost penalty.

Is there any particular reason why do you want to do a thing like this?