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    Thoughts on my Dual Channel Dimmer Schematic?

    Hey Guys, I'm interested to see what some experts think about my schematic before I get the circuit board made. I have previously tested the photo-voltaic MOSFET drivers and the low-power ZCD circuit. They operate well, and give me really good dimming waveforms. I've now added power...
  2. K

    Heat plate triac control, R2 value

    I am not sure how to calculate the triac R2 value. Real componets are: BTA12-600CWRG (Triac) and KMOC3063 (Zero-Cross Triac driver photocoupler, IFT 5mA). Optocoupler input will by PWM controlled by 3.3V MCU (ATtiny1604). Imax R1 = 5.2 mA and Imax R2 = 50 mA (in LTspice simulation).