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    danfoss compressor with controller 101n0500 runs on 12v, not on 230v

    Hi there, Im new on the forum and hope anyone can help me out with this problem. My Waeco Coolfreeze cf110 just stopped running on 230 V. The compressor tries to start but stops after half a second, after which the error light at the display flashes red, then the green led lights up again...
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    Waeco CF110 FF - Low Voltage when on Mains Power

    Hi All, I bought a Waeco CF110 (A) fridge second hand and have found an interesting fault I can't diagnoise. Note: The Fridge can run off both 12V and 240V. In 12V operation the fridge runs perfectly. In 240V mode once warmed up a (after a period of ~40mins), the compressor will stop for a...