1. Y

    Question, measuring reverse voltage dependency of capacitance of a varicap diode

    Hi! i have an assignment to use labview along with the circuit below to plot the capacitance of a varicap diode as a function of the reverse voltage. My plan so far is to gradually increase the DC voltage of the power supply, and at each step calculate the instantaneous value of the capacitance...
  2. Adrienboub

    VHF oscillator circuit w/ large frequency range and change according to capacitance value

    Hello, It's my first post. I'm new in electronics fields. I'm french and my english is not very good, excuse me. I want to make a VHF oscillator(~ 30 MHz) that his frequency can change with the value of the capacitance. I found in an another post the RF2506 which seems to works but it's...