1. johnson35762

    FUSB302 PD coltroller can not establish communication

    Brief: Want to use STM32L432 MCU and FUSB302B PD controller asking voltage higher then 5V. Question: Where am I set wrong of the PD controller? Is there anything else I need to consider when asking the PD source? Hi, I'm working on a project for digital auxliary power in card size. The...
  2. J

    USB-PD board to transform "regular" DC power supply to USB-PD

    Hello folks. Am looking for a Board which will add USB-PD (100W) to my existing DC power supply/battery bank (12-24V voltage), capable of handling 100+W. In the "old days" I would just use buck/boost modules for various needs, but have no clue what to search if I want an USB-PD (USB-C)-port...