1. M

    STM32: can we use LPUART1 and USART1 simultaneously

    Hey I am new to STM32, I am using CMWX1ZZABZ_LoRa_Module. Can someone tell me if I can use LPUART1 and USART1 simultaneously? Are they Independent?
  2. Younes Thabet

    Can usart be used to interface MAX6969 led driver?

    Hello, I am using STM32F407 to interface a MAX6969 led driver, MAX6969 is usually interfaced using SPI MOSI/MISO lines .. The problem is!, I am out of connectivity protocols (I2C/I2S/SPI/UART) only USART left and some GPIOs! Can I use USARTto interface MAX6969 which have DIN, CLK, LE, OE...
  3. pralayp

    MSP430FR6047: Calculating current limiter values for SCL,SDA,LCD-COM,TXD & RXD lines to increase battery life.

    Hello Experts, My application is a commercial battery powered device. The 2 most important thing for me is to achieve "accuracy in metering" and "Increase battery life" of my product. 1st thing I'm able to achieve using MSP430FR6047 chip for water metering. 2nd thing is what I'm working on...