1. D

    Back to school advice for electrical engineering students?

    With the start of the new academic year just around the corner, I was wondering if the EEs on this forum would provide their top nuggets of wisdom to help the next generation of engineers make the most use of their time in school. So what is your advice? What do you wish someone had told you...
  2. T

    Which University affored affordable single course for non-student ?

    I was looking for affordable course in electrical engineering that as overall and particularly in Analog, digital circuit and HF. I did find a very good one from Standford University but it is too expensive. has anyone get into single course from his choice in University where the prices are not...
  3. o0danny

    Whats your opinion about this Master Degree in Nanoelectronic Systems

    Hi guys, I'm Daniel from Spain, I'm studying a 4 year degree in "Telecomunications" (I learn a lot about electronics, electromagnetical waves and antennas, and networks). I've decided that I'm going deeper into electronics and then go into the "Nanoelectronic Systems" Master Degree in Germany at...
  4. A

    I really can't find a solution for this, need to find how many Ohms is the resistor

    Okay so I have a project due tomorrow and I can't get it right, I need to find how many Ohms is the resistor Rb, the link is a screenshot to the task UBX is Uin. https://prnt.sc/t92gbh
  5. Chaotic Breeze

    What university should I pursue for my graduate studies

    Hi everyone, My name is Abdullah from Saudi Arabia, I graduated last year with a double major degree of Electrical Engineering and Physics with highest honors from KFUPM university. During my study, I was able to perform two research internships at different universities and published one...