treadmill pcb fix

  1. Zhjcnm1981

    Reebok jet 300 treadmill e02 error - motor output dc is 11v on PCB why?

    Hi everyone! I have a really mysterious case with my Reebok treadmill! Sherlock would love to participate I am sure! Precondition: once upon a time I turned my TM on and heard beeeep “error 02 - Motor stall” -> no move, dead. I would think it happened because I never lubricate (for two months I...
  2. manishvatchas

    Help me finding this transformer

    I have treadmill pcb board in that board controller is not working. I found out the problem that transformer inside pcb is not working. Checked the resistance and continuity i found short. I don't know the value of transformer. Nothing is mentioned on it. I have checked in new pcb online. I...