1. jpf88

    proximity sensor up to 200metres for outdoor application

    Hi, I have a project that i would like to complete. i need to activate an LED light outdoors, whenever a designated vehicle comes within 200-300metres of the LED light. i was thinking of using a simple 12v FM radio transmitter on the vehicle. the LED would have an FM radio reciever tuned to...
  2. C

    How do PKE keyless remotes work (inductive data transmission) and how would I "hack" one to make a transceiver?

    I'm wanting an undersea short-range remote (wireless button for dive thrusters) and induction seems perfect, so I bought a passive keyless car alarm to see how they work. I do understand that the car transmits an inductive signal, which the remote picks up (and then the remote does it's own...
  3. Denis Molodtsov

    Can you spot a transmitter in this device? Can I add an antenna to this device?

    I have puchaed a wireless Bike Alarm and wanted to figure out how to extend its range. I want to try to extend its reach to 50 meters from the default 20 meters. There is wireless "fob" (KS-WL09C) that I disassembled. The photo is available below. Question: Can someone, please, spot a...
  4. G

    Questions about a design for transmitting and receiving a pulse over 100 meters or less (Measure distance to within 1 mm)

    Note: I've dabbled in electronics for many years, but I'm a newb when it comes to radio circuitry, so please forgive me for anything dumb I may say/ask. I'm trying to design a system where I can send a single radio pulse (no complex information, just a single pulse) periodically. This pulse...
  5. Enrique Garcia Mainieri

    Low Voltage Signal T/R switch

    Hello Forum, I am designing an Ultrasonic Reciever and Transmitter circuit, in which the Reciever and Transmitter Transducers are connected with the same cables. That means that the Excitation signal and the Received signal will be transported by the same medium. The Excitation signal is a...