1. V

    How to detect receiver (smartphone) with a wireless charger transmitter (base)?

    My end goal is to build a circuit with a wireless charger transmitter module and a led indicator that turns on when the receiver is detected and wireless charging is occurring. I’ve been reading about the analog pings the TX uses to detect RX, Foreign Object Detection (FOD), Q-factor...
  2. G

    Questions about a design for transmitting and receiving a pulse over 100 meters or less (Measure distance to within 1 mm)

    Note: I've dabbled in electronics for many years, but I'm a newb when it comes to radio circuitry, so please forgive me for anything dumb I may say/ask. I'm trying to design a system where I can send a single radio pulse (no complex information, just a single pulse) periodically. This pulse...
  3. specs365

    How to measure the resonant frequrncy of an FM transmitter

    Hi, this might be a very simple question, but I've been trying to find something on this for a while now. I would like to know, where, on little circuits like the one below must I attach an oscilloscope to see the frequency at which the tank oscillator is oscillating (assuming a high enough...
  4. ramy_a

    transmitter RFID tag instead of transponder

    Hi guys, As I know RFID tags are transponder which means they need to receive a message through the antenna and after demodulating an answer will be generated. However, I wonder if we can bypass the Demodulator and turn the tag into a transmitter. please guide me if you have any solution for...