transistor switch

  1. S

    Dual supply H-Bridge driver using transistors wouldn't work

    I'm trying to make a biphasic functional electrical stimulator using the circuits in this paper. But I modified it by using MPSA BJT transistors instead of MOSFET. I'm in the middle of developing a Multisim simulation for it. The boost converter worked fine and could climb up/down to around +-40...
  2. M

    Controlling high power LED with transistor and Arduino

    Hello, I'm doing a small project and I'm stuck. I want to control brightness of 90v 185mA LED strip with my Arduino Uno. I used bd941 transistor in series with LED strip and I'm sending signal form arduino PWM digital pin to 100om resistor and then to transistor base.(in datasheets for...
  3. Selvedin

    How to make a flashing switch from a Transistor

    Hello guys, I need to make a circuit in which a transistor acts like a flashing switch. I watched some videos but the Problem is that I don't have the exact same components as in the Video shown and so my project fails. Can you help me? Kind regards to all good people