transfer function

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    Fliege Notch Filter Transfer Function Help

    Hello! I am a student who would greatly appreciate some help determining the transfer function T(s) of a Fliege Notch Filter. I have attached a general schematic below, and have listed the values I will be using. To clarify, Voltage-in is the left side, and Voltage-out is the right side R1 =...
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    Electrical and Control Engineering: Transfer Function Reduction problem

    I am having a problem with calculating transfer function given with a picture below i need to calculate output Y(p) / input V(p) analitically. Here are the equasions, i dont know the equasion for a and z Y= fN = (F(p+r))N = F(P(z+m+f)+ROv) p=P(z+m+f) r = Ro=ROv b = Bo=BOv o = Ov f = F(p+r) m...
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    Determining the amplitude-phase characteristic from the transfer function

    I would appreciate any help with the following problem: Edit: The final answer has 36omega^4 not 36omega^2 in the denominator.