1. ashokraj

    Ways to find an temperature sensing IC with Thermistor and Thermocouple

    Hi, I am trying to find a temperature sensing IC that needs to be integrated with Thermocouple or Thermistor. It should have a digital interface(SPI, I2C). The problem I am facing is whenever I am trying to find the IC with my requirements, 99% of the time I am getting IC's with in-built...
  2. jm_sanz

    Attaching thermocouples to PCB and MOSFETS

    Good morning, I am involved in a power electronics project where it is necessary to attach thermocouples to most possible points on a PCB. This includes tracks, plastic MOSFET surfaces (can reach 120ºC), and metal drain pads. I have read about several methods for this approaches. Summing up...
  3. GTronics

    I want to learn thermocouple type k,j etc,

    Hello evryone, I start studying Eletrical and computer engineering and I want to learn thermocouple type k,j etc, however I've been searching and I can find to measure temperatures is using water bath 0° in cold junction so voltage will be the same as thermocouple tables on google, however...