1. G

    Component choices and general advice for a sensor fusion device for soil quality measurement

    For a university project, I am designing and am further required to build a sensor fusion device for soil quality measurement in agricultural soil. The device will measure the volumetric water content (VWC) in the soil, the temperature of the soil and the light levels that the soil is exposed...
  2. A

    Outdoors telecommunication technician job

    Hello, I'm studying telecommunication electronics at Institut Teccart, a private college (CEGEP) in Montréal-Canada, and I'm trying to figure out which kind of job available on the market I'd enjoy. I'm holding a computer science college diploma but I went into telecom because I wanted...
  3. C

    Narrowband instantaneous power

    Hey all, I got stuck on a homework question about narrowband instantaneous power. First of all, the description of the quesion: Assume a mobile traveling at a velocity of 20 km/h receives two multipath components at a carrier frequency of 1000 MHz. The first component is assumed to arrive at...
  4. A

    Is python useful for telecom technician ?

    Hello, I'd like to know if python programming skills could be an asset for a telecommunication technician/engineer. Does anybody have some experience with python into the field ? I'm currently studying telecommunication electronics in a College in Montréal, Canada and i hold a diploma in...
  5. Luiz Fernando Vieira

    why does 1/4 wavelength have a ground plane and 1/2 wavelength needs no?

    why does 1/4 wavelength have to have a ground plane and 1/2 doesn't? I know that an antenna that has half a wavelength does not need the ground plane (example a dipole antenna) and when using a wavelength of 1/4 it is usually necessary to have the ground plane (planar antennas [PCB]). My...