switching converters

  1. T

    PWM Buck Regulator Question

    Questions: 1. Why do switching regulator ICs have dedicated PWM inputs pins? 2. Can you use PWM on a low side switch at the output of a constant voltage buck regulator module? For instance Remcom Power's R-78E5.0-1.0. My concern is that dedicated PWM inputs operate differently than using an...
  2. P

    Power Sharing - Topping up Solar power generation for realtime use.

    Hi guys, I was looking for a few ideas for how to efficiently "power share" - the scenario is: I will have some DC grow lights, about 36V (but this can be changed) 100w+ . I would like to get as much as possible of the power for these from one or more solar panels, and then top up the...
  3. anditechnovire

    Simple rcc flyback switching power supplies

    Please am studying about switching power supplies, starting from the simple ones. I've just concluded on joule thief and blocking oscillator, now am progressing to Self oscillating flyback converter(or RCC) and am finding a bit difficulty on how the transistor switches OFF. It seems the...
  4. anditechnovire

    flyback and transformer concept

    I have been reading about the concept of a flyback transformers and converters, which has led to various misunderstandings concerning the basic operation of a transformer. Firstly, dc current don't induce voltage in the secondary windings of any transformer. But in a flyback converter, I read...