1. A

    STM8 Discovery Setting Flag using Button

    Hi, I am making a project where in I am connecting few LEDs with my STM8 Discovery Board (PA3, PD3, PD4) and setting the mode using the on-board button (PB7). The issue I am facing is that I am able to toggle to Flag = 2 (with for loops for phasing the 3 LEDs) but the button becomes...
  2. Prajeet Anand

    Array is too large - stm8s

    #include "STM8S.h" #define I2C_PORT GPIOE #define SCL_pin GPIO_PIN_1 #define SDA_pin GPIO_PIN_2 #define SSD1306_I2C_Address 0x78...
  3. Prajeet Anand

    PWM read with ADC stm8

    I want to read PWM signal with an A/D converter. Is it reliable to take 100 samples of adc data and average it out.Im still seeing some spurious values in-between my captured data. What would be a reliable way to acquire precise output?
  4. Prajeet Anand

    STM8s - PWM value update problem

    Hi, I'm using stm8s903f3 board to generate a PWM of a certain frequency. In the main function I have implemented a If statement to check for a condition and then update the CCR2 value and pass it on to the PWM function that I'm calling in the If loop. There seems to a problem, the CCR2 value is...