1. F

    Choice of error amplifier for LDO

    Hi There! I am, for several reasons about building a adjustable LDO. Some of the specifications are: - min input voltage 4.4V - max output voltage 3.6V - 500mV dropout, due to sense resistor - wide current output range - at least 20kHz bandwidth @ 10uA load, ideally 100kHz Pass element shall...
  2. R

    Oscillations on output of loaded LM675 for all positive voltages.

    Hello, I'm trying to use an LM675 power op-amp IC as an output buffer for a signal generator. For stability, I've configured this IC as a non-inverting amplifier with a gain of 11 as per the circuit diagram below. As also recommended in the datasheet, I routed separate ground returns for the...
  3. Ester315

    Series compensating stabilizer with specific outcome

    Hello everyone, I try to do my university project, which I have to create a simulation of series compensating stabilizer in MULTISIM NI with following parameters: output voltage should be 6.3V and max output current 1.8A. I've already created a circut, calculated the dependency between diode...
  4. T

    what are the alternative PID controllers?

    simple rectifier