1. E

    12V FAN speed control by temperature

    Hi guys, If anyone can help me I'm willing to make a donation for your time. Here's the schematics I'm looking for including some component specs: DC Fan (12V) speed control circuit dependent on temperature ranging from 25 to 100 degrees Celsius with smooth changes in speed all the way up to...
  2. Arduinoob

    MOSFET for boost converter

    I am making a boost converter following this Tutorial but I don't have the exact MOSFET. I have 2 motherboards laying around and they have some MOSFETs on them some of the names are: P3055, K3918,6670AL(datasheet inserted). There are high switching speeds but the datasheets don't have the max...
  3. SaMirakle

    Guidance Needed: Attempting to Simulate/Generate an Engine Speed Sensor Signal

    Hi everyone! So at work we have several engine simulators and for the ones we currently have engine speed sensors connected to we went about it by using a DC motor spinning a magnetic pulser disc (found here) with the sensor mounted directly in front. Though this works fine, I'd like to start...