single phase

  1. A

    Portable Washing Mashine Modification - Wiring Problem

    Howdy, It's my first post here, I've been trying to work the issue out myself, but where I'm at currently I've no functioning RDA protection on the mains breaker and I've no sacrificial fuse equipped power bar to plug my project into in case it causes a surge I'm trying to fix my grandma's old...
  2. Luiz Fernando Vieira

    Bode plot or Bode Diagram

    Hello I am having difficulty understanding the Bode diagram, which I have understood so far: that depending on the angle of the phase, where the system becomes unstable or stable. I just don't know what the practical applications are when using this system in a closed loop. I mean a practical...
  3. V

    running a 3 phase fryer from a 1 phase supply

    Asking for some advice as I can't seem to find anything. I have been asked if there's any way to run a 3 phase fryer from a single-phase supply. I've attached some images below. any idea for rewiring would be appreciated I looked at a variable frequency drive but to my understanding, it...