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    How would I go about creating a servo arm, controlled by arduino ?

    hiya! i am thinking of using an arduino nano and bluetooth to control a small car/robot. there will be a type of rake/filter on an arm at the end to sort litter. I want to be able to lift this arm (using servos?) and "shake" it to move the litter into a different compartment. How should I go...
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    Soundboard and Servos (Jurassic Park Model)

    Hello! I recently built a scale model of the Jurassic Park Entrance gates but when I was getting ready to finally be done with it I had the thought I could add a servo or two in order to make the doors automatic. In researching this I decided, well, why don't I add a soundboard and some mini...
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    Powering 10 servos from a single Li-Po

    I could use some perspective on a circuit I'm planning to build. It's a robot with 6 standard servomechanisms and 4 microservos. I'm set on using a single power source and three step-down converters to feed most of the servos + Arduino Uno + PWM driver with 5V but also supply 6V to two servos to...
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    current measurement over time

    I have a RC servo towerPro sg90 connected to Arduino, to measure the current I have put 1 ohm shunt resistor between servo GND and power ground. Then I did a analogRead on the resistor, when servo sweep between 0 -180. I am getting following values out of my analogRead. So in total I have 180...
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    Servo drive power cord failure causes

    Servo drive power cord failure causes
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    HW Interface to detect Radio Control Receiver PWM signal

    I am using an Arduino Pro Mini to detect a PWM signal from a radio control receiver. The input pin on the Arduino is supposed to be limited to 20mA current with a max current of 40mA. I plan on using a 220 ohm resistor in the circuit. Do I need a .1uF cap to ground (and what kind of cap)...