security light pir led

  1. Khisraw

    The Program stops running as sensors detects something

    Hi, I am using the PIC12F1571 MCU in our latest design. It is connected to two sensors (TSSP58038- Proximity, IRA-S210ST01- PIR sensor) with analog input. The PIR is connected to RA0 and the Proximity sensor is connected to RA2. The program: As soon as the PIR sensor detects anything(Goes to...
  2. John O'C

    Security Light PIR LED 220V - attempted repair (I have made things worse)

    Yes, I believe I shorted the capacitor causing the fuse resistor to blow. (Photos attached) I have not attempted any work on this, though the soldering around the bridge rectifier and capacitor look a little suspicious. Original problem; when working, the LEDs appeared to be pulsing. With my...