1. spacejedigundam

    Did someone know how to make this SAR ADC 5 to 4 digital error correction circuit

    DEC1 is similar to half adder , b<K> is number of the SAR output code ,DEC2 is like binary caculator keep carry , but how to do this circuit ?
  2. spacejedigundam

    How to measure 10bit SAR ADC 's input Dynamic range after switch 9 time ?

    I want to know 10 bit SAR ADC , supply voltage 0.5V , Vcm based , after DAC switch 9 times , how to measure DAC input Dynamic range ? I need to know voltage range that I can use Voltage to time Converter transfer the voltage to times Thanks everyone reading Sample_N = DAC's N node...
  3. spacejedigundam

    How 10bit SAR ADC achieves 12bit resolution

    I want to do a 10bit ADC , but after run FFT , the enob result will achieve 12bit , is this possible ? how to do that ? sorry for my poor English , your answer can help me a lots , kowtow , thanks your holy reply , Thank you so much brother