1. M

    Trouble Receiving RS485 Data on EK-TM4C1294: MAX485 Communication Issue

    Hi, I am trying to read the RS485 Absolute encoder from EK-TM4C129. I am using the MAX485 module to convert RS485 to ttl, which is half duplex, where DE is Active high, and RE is active low. I have written the code to enable the Transmitter and receiver, where needed. we must transmit the data...
  2. D

    Pull up Resistors Rx, Tx on MCU

    Hi, I want to add to design LED indication for Rx, Tx over pull up resistors, please refer picture for more detail. I do not know is this good idea or is better to add two dedicated outputs on MCU only for RX, Tx LED management. Please share pros and coins for solution on picture. Thanks.
  3. Q

    Configurable biasing and termination for RS485 (DMX512) device

    Hello everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster on the forums, so lovely to meet you all. I am currently working on a relatively simple "adapter" circuit to incorporate Lumen Radio's TimoTwo DMX module. It's an integrated device that facilitates a wireless DMX512 link and a TTL level...
  4. U

    Implementing IoT RS485 to LoraWAN converter to a digital electric voltage/current/power meter

    Hello, I am a student at Escuela de Ingeniería de Gipuzkoa, and I am currently working on a project. The main goal is to estimate the electric consumption of a double-flux mechanical ventilation system (its motor), to do so, we are using an electric curent meter (SDM120M) and a RS485 to LoraWAN...
  5. K

    Weird waveforms on RS485 bus

    I hope I am knocking on the right door here. I have a small RS485 network with a master and two slaves that has been running for more than a year now. I recently replaced a seemingly unrelated power supply and started to experience communication failures. I checked the bus using a differential...
  6. Mousivandhossein

    UART RS485 Problem

    Hi, I want to make a circuit to collect the temperature of some locations in a control panel. I have a control panel that is connected to several microcontroller circuits. Each microcontroller circuit measures its ambient temperature. the control panel sends a number from 1 to 20 for example...
  7. ajitnayak

    RS485 communication issue

    I have Setup like this for my application. I have Transformer which gives out 12V 1A & 5V 500mA output.I have used isolated ADM2483 design where power galvanized isolated. Primary side 5v &gnd taken from 7805 regulator where 12v input comes from transformer. same ground used by MCU/ADM2483 side...
  8. ajitnayak

    RS485 Communication issue,

    Dear all I have used PIC18F45k40 device for RS485 communication. I have 2 ckts one is isolated and another non isolated RS485 design. I have schematic & placement for reference. I have connected multiple slave device independently isolated and non isolated product , its working well. There is...