robotic arm

  1. Hi.anshul

    Acceleration and deceleration of stepper motor

    I am using 3 stepper motors with DM542 driver to build a pick and place robot using Nucleo-F746ZG. For the movement of stepper motor I am using this library :- #include "stepperMotor.h" #include "mbed.h" int motorSpeed; // Steper speed sMotor::sMotor(PinName A0, PinName A1, PinName A2...
  2. -live wire-

    Help talking to uart bus servos in 6 axis robotic arm

    So I am designing and building a 6 axis robotic arm and I really need help finding the right library and communication method to talk to the bus servos I have installed. This is the product page and this is the google drive with the documentation that the manufacturer provided. I also put an...
  3. Leonard Lim

    Extend wireless connection range with Sony PS2 controller

    I am coming up with a project - Robotic arm rover by using Arduino. I decided to use a PS2 controller to control and send command. The wireless connection range is around 10 m. Is there any way to work around so that the wireless range can be boost up to 300 m at least? Is there any add on...