1. kwoki

    Derivation of RLC parameters from a complex RLC circuit

    Hey guys, I am having trouble with a problem. I would like to derive a formula for some parameters (resonance frequency, Quality factor, Wcl and Wch) Normally, you will use a general second-order function for a second-order RLC circuit (which is easy to derive). However, my circuit is much more...
  2. S

    RL differential equations

    Hello i am new on the forum and i want to ask my 1st question. I have to find the transfer function v(t)/i(t). First of all i calculate the the differential equations and the result is 2+i(t)=ir+c*dv/dt 2+i(t)=e^vr+c*dv/dt Then i have to lenearize the e^v and the result is 2*v+1.38. I think i...
  3. C

    Calculation of power factor in a RLC-circuit

    Hello, I got a homework exercise about the calculation of the power factor in a RL-circuit and in a RLC-circuit. The question consists of 3 sub questions, I have managed to calculate the first 2 however I am struggling with the third one. For the calculation of the third question, the other 2...