1. Leonard Lim

    433 MHz RF Module interfacing with Encoder and Decoder Problem

    I had use 433 Mhz RF module with transmitter (FS1000A) and receiver (MX-RM-5V). Interfacing with Encoder (HT12E) and decoder (HT12D) respectively. The problem is that I am using two sets of these set up in circuit one and two. Which means the first circuit having encoder with the same address as...
  2. Leonard Lim

    Interfacing 433MHz RF Module with PIC16F688

    I am trying to interface the RF module which comes with Transmitter (FS1000A) and Receiver (MX-RM-5V) in pairs and interfacing with 2 sets of the circuit consists of 2 PIC16F688. After sourcing the internet, it seems like it can be interfaced either digital I/O or UART but I'm not sure about...