1. S

    Car remote battery dead again!

    I have changed my car remote battery twice in the last 2 months, a completely strange scenario. I believe there's a short on the board, but I wonder how to identify the fault since a continuity test may not detect it. Any help please!!!
  2. M

    Oscilloscope 4 channel, remote control, signal generator

    I am looking for a scope that Can be controlled remotely (see live waveform, control channels, manually stop/start, review recorded waveforms, etc) Good PC software!! Has 4 channels Can record at least 60s of signals without stitching Has a built-in signal generator. Ideally it can be...
  3. kjrr.2136

    Arduino Wifi/IR Universal remote with "ADD" button

    I want to build a ir cloner and transmitter for electronic devices (tv, home theatre,AC,etc) with NODE MCU so that i can control all the devices over wifi with my phone. There are may tutorials for making this type of project but all of them include manually inputting the "ir code"(not sure...
  4. S

    Vixen DD-2 telescope motor controller not light on LED and not working

    I have a vixen DD-2 telescope controller, which is not working. In my cases the LED on the controller doesn't lighting up. The controller remote is rated 12V/ 0.96A. I have confirmed the capacities of all the capacitors and the voltage at points A to E: A : 12.1V B : 12.1V C : 0.5V D: 0.9V...