quartz crystal oscillator

  1. G

    Analog or digital self-tuning quartz crystal oscillator

    Hello everyone. I'm a rudimentary electronics enthusiast --i.e. I'm at all well versed in theory--. I've built a few utilitarian PCB's and circuits. In the same utilitarian line, I came across a video on youtube (in Spanish) where someone demonstrates a picogram electrobalance based on a quartz...
  2. crylord37

    Toy Drone controller repairment

    hi everyone, I am trying to repair my drone controller. One of the component is broken and fell. I think its a crystal oscillator. Its 6mm x 1.5mm. I dont know how much mhz it is. Is there a way to know how much it is at home. I wil attach some images of it and where it belong. Even if you guess...
  3. RipX

    High speed frequency divider

    Hi everyone, I am getting ready to build a frequency divider board for a Z80 game console project. I have a 32MHz active crystal oscillator and want to divide down this to produce the following frequencies that will be used across varying components of the project: 32 MHz 16 MHz 8 MHz 4 MHz 2...
  4. M

    Clocking a HI7190 ΣΔADC using a 10MHz Quartz Crystal Oscillator

    Hello, This is my first post so I'm sorry ahead of time if I'm missing key information. I am trying to produce a clock signal for a HI7190 (ΣΔADC) using a 10MHz quartz crystal oscillator. The HI7190 uses either 2-Wire or 3-Wire (SPI-compatible) communication for reading and writing internal...