1. dignificent

    Texas Instruments BQ24640RVAT

    Received feedback that these parts are mysteriously over-heating when sent certain commands. When switched out with comparable parts in stock> No over-heating occured . Curious if this is impacting other users of this part or not. Is it a sign that this part could be counterfeit? Is there a bad...
  2. dignificent

    How to measure continuity of a single QFN without powering entire board?

    QFN Device in-question * https://www.digikey.com/en/products/detail/MCP2515T-I-ML/MCP2515T-I-MLCT-ND/2601600?utm_campaign=allaboutcircuits&utm_medium=aggregator&curr=usd&utm_source=octopart Data-Read-Outs I want to test for seen on page 67 *...