1. E

    What is the best way to make load cells & HX711 amplifiers useable for reversible prototyping (no/little soldering)?

    I'm using 4 x 50kg load cells and an Arduino Uno R3 for an interactive music project where a dancer will perform on top of a stage with each sensor under the corners of a board 'stage'. I need to monitor each cell individually as these values will be sent to Max/MSP (an object-based coding...
  2. gautam023

    36 Pin QFN IC prototyping

    Hello everyone, Does anyone have an idea of where I can buy a 36 pins QFN-DIP adapter with 2 exposed bottom pads? The pinout of the IC is attached below. Closest I could find was a 38 PIN QFN-DIP adapter and that is not working.
  3. LearningAboutTech

    Collection of Electrical Test Equipment Recently Acquired

    My partner and I recently acquired a very large collection of electrical test equipment. (See the attached photos) The man who originally amassed this collection had a deep appreciation and understanding of antique and modern electronics, utilized ample funds to purchase and collect unique...