1. ponas.jonas

    PID Controller for PWM of a linear drive motor?

    I have linear drive motor that I drive with a PWM signal of frequency 1kHz. The minimum duty cycle for the linear motor to start moving without any load is 30 %. Now I am trying to design and tune a PID controller to control the position (ranges from 0 - 10000 counts). My difficulty in...
  2. AlwaysBufferGhz

    Programming PIC mounted to PCB

    I have a few PIC16C57C ICs already mounted to boards that mistakenly were not programmed before mounted. Attaching wires to each lead of the IC and soldering them to header then attempting to program failed our to a program error not open pin so that tells me my connections were good. I also...
  3. Kadav

    how to add fortran MPI libraries in netbeans ide 8.2 RC

    Hello i am programing a code in fortran but i want to use MPI library for it to run , i would love to have an advice on how to set up the library in netbeans . since i imagine that is why the code is not runing. here is the program and here is the error thanks very much