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  1. C

    Unknown Subcircuit After I downloaded a MOSFET. asy file in the directive from LTspice simulation

    Hi I have a strange question. I downloaded a MOSFET LTspice model (.asy) from official website and saved it in the directive. However, It still shows "unknown subcircuit." If I use ideal NMOS4, the simulation works. Could someone help me with why it happens and how to deal with it? I attached...
  2. U

    How to use transistor as a variable Regulator?

    I'm designing a variable power source from 5V to 30V with 600mA. Input voltage is VIN = 36V. I tried the below circuit. VREF is given from microcontroller DAC. I tried using N-MOSFET, P-MOSFET, NPN, PNP (with modifications). I set a the output voltage as 20V. This circuit works fine with no...
  3. Bhanu2626

    Does the MOSFET in the Schematic will work fine?

    I using the MOSFET IRFB3004PBF switching. 56.2V is a source voltage coming from the charger and 48 is the nominal voltage of the batter. switch S1 is for switching Vgs. Vgs=5 v. Rgs=10k ohms (connected to the gate terminal and battery ground). battery is 13s3p Nominal=48v Peak=54.6v Will MOSFET...
  4. A

    Simulating inductor with double transistor switch in LT Spice, getting unexpected voltage output. Problem with model?

    Hello! I'm using a SIMFET model as switches and ideal diode models in my circuit. My specifications are t0=40ms and T=100ms. I expect the voltage across the inductor to be Vcc=75V from 0 < t < t0, and for it to be -Vcc when the transistors are off between t0 < t < T (This is the theory...