power analysis

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    Struggling to fix voltage drop in my LED circuit

    My goal is to power 600 WS2812B RGB LEDs at full power. Currently, when all LEDs are set to white (255, 255, 255) at max brightness, a color gradient from white to red is displayed. I discovered that this also happens when, for all LEDs at max brightness, any one RGB channel is maxed out and...
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    Digital Signal Issues - How is the PSU Causing This?

    Hi, I have 17 LED strips, and a 20A, 5V PSU. It has 3 terminals for COM, and 3 for V+. I have run 4 sets of automotive power cable, so my strips are powered by different cable runs. 3 of the cables power 4 LED strips, and 1 powers 5, for a total of 17 LED strips. For simplicity, my diagram...
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    how calculate the energy use for starting a 3 phase motor until return to normal work?

    hello everyone , for a project i must calculate the exact energy that used for start of motor until the motor return to normal work in other words how much energy use for normal work of this motor equals the starting energy ? the motor is 3 phase 20 Ampere 9KW unfortunately i have no complete...
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    Solar emergency light/fan circuit help needed

    Hello great team! I'd immensely appreciate the help of brilliant minds out here. I've Solar rechargeable emergency unit that can power 2 lights and a small table fan. The unit stopped working with a blown resistor on the circuit. I did try replacing the resistor with an identical color coded...