1. M

    Walmart piano keyboard

    I had purchased a cheap Walmart piano to play around with my music creation and have some options other than bass/guitar. I have been learning oscillator circuits and made my own effect pedal, so when the main chip started acting like it got burned out, I wanted to use the key circuit board...
  2. moniica

    Yamaha digital piano P-60 keys don't work randomly (playing demo is fine)

    I bought a used Yamaha digital piano P-60. It has the following severe issues: All keys and the control buttons don't work randomly. "Not working" means when I press down a key, no sound comes out from the speakers. It's not about any specific key. It happens to random key. Sometimes all keys...
  3. L

    Casio CDP-100 keyboard piano dead keys - PCB issue?

    Hi all, Newbie to both this forum and electronics! I have a somewhat old Casio CDP-100 with 8 keys that went dead recently. All other keys are fine and speakers/power are working perfectly. Schematics here: http://www.warningwillrobinson.com.au/manuals/Casio%20CDP100%20service%20manual.pdf...