1. ianjuk

    Overvoltage protection circuit specification. Zener diodes... what wattage?

    I'm awaiting guidance from mods as to where to post this question but i'm looking for help asap so hoping some kind soul can help me out. I am aware this has likely been answered many times so apologies for duplication. 1. I have a wind turbine whose output I am testing. 2. I am using a data...
  2. M

    Simulation of a three phase voltage meter: MOV error (Analysis: Step time too small) LTSPICE

    Hi, I was hoping someone can help me to solve my error on LTspice. I am designing a three phase voltage sensor using voltage divider resitors and a isolated differential amplifier. The voltage range I need to measure is max 440V_rms. I want to add protection by adding a thermistor and MOVs. I...