1. vanorudik

    OSCILLOSCOPE DC Voltage Measurement Error

    Hello everyone, I have a R&S®RTM3000 scope. I can also provide a pdf with its specifications if needed. My problem is: I am supplying constant DC voltages to 4 channels of the scope. These are the voltages: 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3,5 ,4 [V]. I am using "Mean Value" option in the scope to...
  2. Mulo2k2

    Help with this dc offset circuit

    Qualcuno può aiutarmi con una spiegazione della funzione di questo circuito. Translated; Can anyone help me with an explanation of the function of this circuit I can't find any article on the web
  3. E

    MOSFET gate , offset PWM questions

    Hello! A little about me , i haven't formally studied electronics, i do not own or have access to an oscilloscope. I have been researching about MOSFETs to use an IRLZ44N as a switch in a basic boost converter, on the IRLZ44N datasheet Vgs(th) = 1v to 2v, as i undertand this Vgs(th) is the V...