1. T

    Detect-if-Connected circuit for DSLR -low voltage, low current.

    Hello, I have a DSLR camera which will have a long, wired remote trigger controlled by a microcontroller (I'm using an STM32 Nucleo). My goal is to: A. Detect that the remote trigger between the camera and MCU is plugged in, and illuminate an LED. B. Have the MCU trigger the shutter (take a...
  2. vikrantsingh47

    Which is better, STM32 Nucleo or ESP32?

    I am looking to make some projects like rover, drone etc. And after i get comfortable, i might try other types of iot projects and machine learning projects. which mcu should i choose? i have already made some projects with arduino uno and esp8266, but some people have suggested to go with other...