1. K

    NMOS IV characteristic completely different with 2 similar setup

    I am plotting the IV characteristics of the NMOS of 2 similar setups. Here I sweep the Vg from -13 to 13V and vdd from 0 to 50. note that the only difference is that vdd is positive for one but negative for the other. both grounded at the other end. But why I am getting 2 different IV...
  2. marcell46

    Small signal analysis of MOSFET circuit

    The other day I got the following exercise on one of my exams: For those who don't speak German, for transistor 1 lambda is 0, but not for the others. The backgate-effekt should be neglected alltogether. I drew the following small signal equivalent circuit (ignore the black texts for now)...
  3. Bruno Malbusca

    Power switch PMOS controlled by button or Microcontroller (or both)

    Hello, I´m trying to design an analog circuit to use a push button to turn on an MCU and then use it the same push button to change modes. A "one push button circuit". To achieve that, I used a pmos to work as a switch on the power signal and then used a 2 nmos circuit for or signal circuit that...