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    NFC: Antenna tuning measurements with an network analyzer

    Hi everyone, I want to adjust the natural frequency of my NFC-circuit in order to optimize the perfomance. Maybe the question is too easy, but I'm new to the usage of a netwerkanalyzer. I want to do the Antenna tuning measurements as described in the application note in the appendix (see chapter...
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    How do PKE keyless remotes work (inductive data transmission) and how would I "hack" one to make a transceiver?

    I'm wanting an undersea short-range remote (wireless button for dive thrusters) and induction seems perfect, so I bought a passive keyless car alarm to see how they work. I do understand that the car transmits an inductive signal, which the remote picks up (and then the remote does it's own...
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    RFID Power Delivery Wearable

    So I have a project I'm working on a project to light these "NFC fingernail lights": They light up when in the presence of a 13.56MHz RFID field. The issue is other than my phone, I have no way to light them day to day. I would like to develop a device I can hold, like fist semi closed and it...