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    All ECU public CAN channels are on different CAN networks?

    Consider an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) mounted in a vehicle. Let's say this ECU has Three CAN channels as follows: CAN 1 CAN 2 CAN 3 Do these Three CAN channels have to be on different CAN networks? Another words, for example, CAN 1 and CAN 2 are never on the same CAN network? It...
  2. System/360

    RS-232 Isn't the TXD on Mark until the start bit?

    My first post, please pardon me if this is not in the right group. I have a USB-serial adapter using the FTDI FT232R chip. Specifically it is this item I bought on taobao.com. It is connected to a Windows 10 laptop. I connected the TXD pin to a simple oscilloscope. When I send some data from...