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    Operate AD633 on Single 12VDC Supply

    Can anyone please tell me if an AD633 multiplier IC can be successfully operated on 12VDC single supply? If so, what would be the preferred method? The input signals swing between DC and 2V positive. I have already burnt one chip and they are not cheap to buy...
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    Multiplier circuit with two 4-bit inputs and an 8-bit output using NOR gates

    Hi everyone. I have to create a multiplier circuit. The multiplier must have two 4-bit inputs and an 8-bit output. Only NOR gates are allowed (hint: create subcircuits for the other gates, using only NOR, and use your subcircuit in the multiplier).
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    Using a HVGEN10AC v3.1 to drive my Voltage Multiplier

    Hello, I recently bought myself a HVGEN10AC v3.1 to drive my Cockroft-Walton Voltage Multiplier. At 24V input it can produce 10kVpp. I want to connect it to my multiplier but the transformer only has 1 HV-Output and the Voltage Multiplier needs 2. As you've probably already noticed I'm very new...