1. Younes Thabet

    What should be the readings on DMM when testing a transistor ?

    Hello all, I have read some articles on how to test a transistor with DMM diode mode and what I understand is that measuring from Base (red probe) to Collector\Emitter (black probe) should give a reading and all other probings (C-to-E, E-to-C, C-to-B, E-to-B) should give O.L. But that isn't...
  2. D

    My Multimeter Uni-T M890C+ tasted 600V while in 200 Ohm Setting

    My Multi-meter Uni-T M890C+ tasted 600V while in 200 Ohm Setting, i was troubleshooting a Fence Energizer. I heard a small popping sound but no magic smoke, burnt traces or components. The display works fine, it now displays random numbers, negative sign and the AC symbol. I am no good at...